Effective On-Campus Influencer Marketing.

We utilize our on-campus networks of influential students to promote your brand, drive awareness, and dominate the attention of today's students.

Currently active in 100+ markets, here's a few of our amazing clients.
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Create Brand Awareness

Each of our influencer networks generate hyper targeted student impressions in a true peer-to-peer environment.

Generate Real Results

Leverage the trust and reach of our influencers to turn college students into customers and advocates for your brand.

Spark On Campus Word-of-Mouth

Our influencers are trendsetters on campus and will get students talking about your product/service.

Reach students more effectively than ever before!

Our student-influencers post word-of-mouth style content about your brand to their audience of students.


The collective reach of each of our influencer networks allows us to place ads for your brand in front of nearly every student on campus.

We reach students through their peers. 

Today's students are blind to traditional ads. They see nearly 5,000 digital ads per day and are conditioned to glaze right over them. We break this pattern and grab students' attention by reaching them with organic content posted by people they actually know and trust. 

We are a Gen-Z team solving a Gen-Z problem.

Our team is comprised of talented Gen-Z'rs who deliver a student perspective and execute marketing campaigns that will truly resonate with your target audience. 

See what our customers are saying

Fantastic product and company that I couldn’t recommend higher! Results within 24 hours - and you really can’t say that about anything else we use in the student housing industry.
Gretta Dare
Co-host of the Student Housing Insight Podcast
Finding and managing the right influencers to reach our target demographic can be hard and time-consuming. Swarm helps us solve this problem by delivering a consistent service utilizing high-quality influencers that touch the right people.
Ryan Sundling
Marketing Manager - The Cardinal Group
I can tell you that it is definitely not stopping with Swarm. They truly care about the people that they are serving.
Wes Deese
Host of the Student Housing Insight Podcast

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